A Loon Visits a Society

It happened once that Will Feeble, a pale-skinned youthful loon, had been invited to celebrate. He had taken all the precautions he had considered appropriate for such an occcasion: had taken a shower, putting a bit excessive amount of shampoo and conditioner into his hair to make it soft and pleasant, let a razorblade uncover pure layers of skin on his cheeks, picked a particular piece of clothing he had reserved and decided to not touch until a special moment. He still deemed his hair a bit untidy, but overall seemed to himself clean enough and as time ticked, outside he went.


I don't want to go to this place again.

Four random skeletons around me
with flesh that’s not theirs
and shouldn’t be there
their willpower could have seized it
but it’s lacking!

This is such a joke
I laugh till I spill my bowels out
My head impacted on the edge of the table
My skull cracking
Smashing and smashing again
Shattering, scattering
Let’s spill my brains out
Let me be no more